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About Major Hospital Foundation
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The Major Hospital Foundation, was formed in 1961 with the purpose of supporting Major Hospital and our patients.

The Foundation's mission is:
  • Supporting Major Hospital and our patients through technology, equipment, and facilities;
  • patient assistance;
  • and education.

The Major Hospital Foundation is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization as designated by the Internal Revenue service.

Board members are responsible the continuing growth and integrity of the Major Hospital Foundation. They accomplish this through setting policy, providing oversight, and strategic planning.

Our Board of Directors
Carrie Pumphrey, DDS, President Aaron Haehl

Betsy Crandall, DDS, Vice President

Jack Horner
Dave Wheeler, Secretary Gene Jones
Ralph Mercuri, Treasurer Ty Montgomery, MD
Angela Gill, Executive Director Jill Shammas

Development Council: The success of meeting our charitable goals at Major Hospital Foundation depends upon our volunteer Development Council. This dedicated group of community members act as Major Hospital Foundation ambassadors and are committed to developing resources to help support Major Health Partners through the Major Hospital Foundation.

They raise money in the following ways:

  • Direct mail and personal visits to secure charitable gifts from individuals and businesses.
  • Educating people about tax-wise giving to encourage gifts of stock, property, insurance, and planned gifts made through wills and bequests.
  • Conducting major fundraising campaigns to support Major Health Partners' work in the community.

The staff of the Major Hospital Foundation works closely with the Development Council and supports their administrative needs. For information, or to make a gift, please contact the Major Hospital Foundation at 317-421-0361.

Development Council Members:

Bob Claxton, Development Council Co-Chair
Rose McNeely, Development Council Co-Chair
Planned Giving Annual Support Business Relations
  • Phil Brown, Chair
  • Brady Claxton
  • Renny Esser
  • Susan Fugeson
  • Ralph Mercuri
  • Jeff Rumsey
  • Russell J. Sanders
  • Nancy A. Smith
  • Robert T. Thopy
  • Scott Furgeson, Chair
  • Ron Browning
  • Doug Cassidy
  • Ashley Claxton
  • Aaron Haehl
  • Amy Limpus
  • Judy Runnebohm
  • Elaina Tindall
  • Brent Sandman, Chair
  • Kathy Callahan
  • Mike Freeman
  • Jim Horner
Special Prospects Employee Committee Community Relations
  • Audra Caldwell, Chair
  • Tim Barrick
  • Doug Carter, MD
  • Susie Claxton
  • Denny Harrold
  • Chirs King
  • Bruce Knecht
  • Lloyd Lewis, MD
  • Jennifer Messer
  • Ty Montgomery, MD
  • Jill Shammas
  • Wendy Stephenson
  • Judy Stolmeier
    • Michelle England, Chair
    • Terri Muldoon, Chair
    • Kylie DeBaun
    • Lacy Harness
    • Lisa Harney
    • Marci Hungerford
    • Gena Linville
    • Tammi Mitchell
    • James Neal
    • Dave Pogue
    • Shelley Snyder
    • Joanie Thomas
    • Kelly Wagoner
    • Brenda Wilkins
    • Janna Zobel
  • Barbara Anderson, Chair
  • Amanda Blackketter
  • Betsy Crandall, DDS
  • Nancy Dayhoff
  • Judy Pettit
  • Betsy Plymate
  • Janine Schuster
  • Carol Showers
  • Carmen Wertz

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Our Address

  • Angela Gill
    Executive Director

    Major Hospital Foundation
    150 West Washington St.
    Shelbyville, IN 46176
    (317) 421-0361